Idle Chicken Tycoon


Rule the cluckdom and unleash the eggstravaganza!

Idle Gears - Idle Gear Factory Tycoon

Experience the ultimate idle tycoon adventure – merge gears, earn money, and conquer the gear world! Unlock the secrets to wealth and success in our addictive gear fusion simulation game. Start your journey today!

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Discover innovation and entertainment with our dynamic gaming company. Dive into our ever-evolving collection of games, on iOS or Android, including engaging idle simulations and thrilling tycoons. We prioritize player relations and continually update our games for the best experience. Join us today for endless fun and excitement!

Chickens! - Idle Chicken Tycoon - Idle Chicken Factory

Welcome to the ultimate idle tycoon simulation game! Employ talented chickens with unique professions, from chefs to musicians. Send them on exciting expeditions for incredible rewards. Harness the power of poultry and start your adventure today!